Umbrella Insurance

What is an umbrella policy? 
An umbrella policy extends all of your current liability coverage on your homeowners policy up to another $1, $2, or $5 million. In the event that you get sued, this ensures you extra coverage. 

If you're like most people, you probably think umbrella insurance is just for big corporations or high-income households – but you couldn't be more wrong. This type of insurance is a great idea, because you never know when an unexpected event will happen; for example, a neighbor getting hurt on your property. Many lawsuits today settle for far more than the amount covered on most homeowner's policies. 

Something to keep in mind: Most of the companies that offer umbrellas will require a certain amount of coverage on your auto and liability on your home. It can change from company to company, but oftentimes it is 250/500 for the liability on your auto and $300,000 for the liability on your home. For more information regarding these auto coverage options, click here.
Considering its relative low cost and the level of protection it provides, umbrella policies are one of the best deals in insurance today. 

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