Dwelling Fire Insurance

Do you have a rental property that you need insured? Some people assume that a regular homeowner's policy will take care of this kind of policy, but it does not. Homeowner's policies require that the resident be permanent. Therefore, it is necessary for landlords and investment property owners to have a dwelling fire policy. It is important to note that these types of policies do not insure the tenant's personal property – that would require a renters policy from them. Other than not including personal property, it is almost identical to a standard homeowner's policy. 

We are the leading insurance provider for Austin, DFW, San Antonio, and the whole state of Texas. Just because your property isn't occupied by you, doesn't mean it should go uninsured. We work with several companies that offer this type of insurance. Contact us today for a quote via email ScottReed@Shop2Insure.com or phone (877) 892-4565.